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Step # 1 to Love: Homeopathic Hate     7-6-05

A friend of mine, Gwen, dying of cancer, did not think her doctor was given her the attention she needed.  I called her doctor and said, I pray that God give us what we deserve for the way we're treating Gwen.  The doctor called her that day and answered all her questions.
Homeopathy suggests we put one drop of an appropriate poison in a gallon of water and then to put one drop of this water into another gallon until we have one part poison to a thousand trillion (1,000,000,000,000) parts of water.  One drop from this distillation they claim can stimulate our body to fight the infinitesmally diluted poison and help heal us.
Can hate be diluted to such fine proportions that it can be healing?  Hate or malice is necessary for humor. Humor can be explained as two perspectives clashing with a drop of malice to spice their clash. 

Charlie Chaplin was asked how to make a movie out of a fat man slipping on a bananna peel.  The student wondered if first she should focus on the fat man's belly, then the bananna peel and then the fat man 's foot slipping on the peel.  No, no, no said the master:  First focus on the fat man, then focus on his foot carefully stepping over the bananna peel into an open manhole.

We laugh, if we are not the fat man, because we were seeing things from one perspective and were surprised by another perspective.  Of course if he just fell into a pile of pillows it might not be as funny.  Malice is needed for humor.  Just a drop of malice.  We might not laugh at all if it was not in a movie.  Falling down open manholes isn't all that funny or is it?
So, next time anger or hate arises, why not try homeopathic hate?  Even self-hate can be homeopathic.  When I imagine stabbing myself in the stomach or beating my head with a sledge hammer I can turn these violent actions into homeopathic hate.  Just a little prick to my stomach or a nice soft tap on the head.  Just enough to get my attention so that I can ask what in my belly or what in my head wants attention. 

If my homeopathic hate is really done well I might even laugh as I am needling myself.  And I pray you will laugh when I am needling you.

to be continued




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